Trucking Info


Drivers are to remain in or near their trucks at all times. Do not walk into the production areas!

Drivers must provide a Purchase Order number to us before material will be loaded/unloaded.

Keep at least two straps or chains on your bed while traveling in the plant.

The speed limit within the plant is 9 mph.

Yield the right-of-way to forklifts.

Before our crews can handle any loads, all side kits and tarps must be completely removed, and all slider kits must be fully retracted with their components secured in place.

Hard hats must be worn when you are outside of the truck.

Do not leave your engine idling while inside of the building.

Children should remain in the truck cab at all times.

Cell phone use is not allowed inside of any of the buildings.

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings.

Dogs and other pets must be kept in the truck cab or be on a leash if they are let out. Please clean up after them when necessary.

Keep the truck entrance clear for emergency vehicles.

We cannot fax or email paperwork for drivers.

A restroom is available in building #1. Use the service door next to the overhead door #12.

Threatening language to or from any employee is strictly prohibited.

Follow the posted signs in the area regarding the local truck routes. Note that Kennedy Avenue north of Main Street is NOT a truck route and violators are subject to being ticketed.