Loading and Unloading

Appointments are required for both loading and unloading. Call 219.319.0500 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment.


  1. Trucking company name and your truck number
  2. Midwest Pipe Coating customer name and release number or purchase order number

*****This information will also be need to be given to our Logistics department on arrival. No loads will be released without a release/purchase order number*****


  1. Trucking company name and truck number
  2. Mill paperwork detailing the material(s) being delivered and the mill in which it originated

Requirements for All Appointments

  1. Flatbeds only* – No Conestoga trailers
  2. Straps only
  3. All inbound loads must be strip loaded unless prior approval is obtained from Midwest’s Logistics Manager

Midwest Pipe Coating, Inc will supply the wood saddles for all outbound loads

*Anything other than a flatbed requires written permission from our customer before loading can be completed. If this is not obtained beforehand, your appointment may be delayed while we contact the customer on your behalf.